Eerie Cyberpunk Fantasies

Fortunate photographer Amanda Dutton from Wired got the opportunity to capture the artistic creations by an artificial limb designer and hobbyist robotics engineer, Christopher Conte. The designer mind seldom uses designs or drawings to present his complex biomechanical statuettes. The core of this New York-based machinist resides in giving vent to his imagination.

From where does the concept behind the formations emerge? Nowhere but his mind! He takes a call of his mind to design something and starts making efforts to hunt for the much-needed products. He depends upon the overstock of antique parts with him and thus plays with Legos to experiment with innovative designs.

Stimulated by the convoluted craftsmanship of turn-of-the-century expertise and Japanese bronze work, Conte also twists to obscure sci-fi movies for stimulus. It includes articulated singer insect, lethal injection attack droid prototype, unmanned attack helicopter, external video eyeware apparatus, chronos version 2, carbon-fiber spyder and others.

Gallery: Eerie Cyberpunk Fantasies

Eerie Cyberpunk

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