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And today we have another Young Turk, Adam Berger (23), chief business officer and executive editor, Gadgetell with us. Whilst the history of Gadgetell is now 2 years and 3-months old, Adam takes pride in having witnessed its ball-rolling budding period of 2 years and 2-months. To be precise, Gadgetell ventured into the blogging community in October 2005 with Adam’s entry in November. When asked about his qualifications, the witty mind shoots an interesting reply: ‘I qualify myself.” And for his role at Gadgetell, he counts his experience with previous companies, fruitful years at business school, and everyday business acumen that he picks up from others as key learning stages. Positioned in New York, Adam is an established entrepreneur in the field of marketing.

Excerpt from the Interview:

Zola: What inspires you?
Adam: I became inspirited to start writing because I am so addicted to technology and new products. What better way is there to stay up with the hot trends in technology than to write about it (and rake in mullahs out of it)?

Zola: What kinda things interest you?
Adam: You wouldn’t believe it but I have this little passion for electronic gadgets. Oh, besides that? I love music, specifically classic rock, acoustic rock, and blues but I can listen to almost anything. I also used be a swimmer.

Zola: Your blog’s USP resides in?
Adam: Gadgetell is a consumer electronic blog that covers the news you want to hear, and products that are accessible to you. Essentially, we write about technology that currently is, or will be affecting your life in the near future. We pride ourselves on telling how it is. If a product is destined to fail, and you shouldn’t buy it, we’ll tell you that.

Favorite Posts:
a) From Gadgetell

Gadgetell Exclusive: Interview with digg’s Kevin Rose, Doug secured this interview slightly after we launched.

WTFH: All In One Card, I just enjoyed writing this, though very old.

b) From others:

Dear Palm: It’s time for an intervention

Zola: Count five favorite blogs of yours besides ‘Gadgetell’
Adam: Here

a) Problogger

b) The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

c) The Mark Cuban Weblog

d) Collegehumor

e) LifeHacker

Zola: What is the number of posts you manage to play in a day?
Adam: 15

Zola: Whom do you consider as your target audience?
Adam: Men (and women) in 15-50 tend to be our core readers, but we really target anyone who is interested in consumer electronics and technology goodness. Technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives, so our target is really anyone that craves up-to-date tech coverage.

Zola: Can you recall any object or moment, you take pride in?
Adam: When Gadgetell broke 100,000 daily visitors we were young and could not believe so many people were reading what we wrote. Also, launching Appletell and Gamertell were moments we take pride in.

Zola: Adam if not a blogger then?
Adam: That is a great question that I have recently been asking myself. Besides spending a bit more time with friends and family I would probably be a bit board until I started a new business. So I guess my answer is If not a Blogger, then I’d be an entrepreneur.

Zola: Which was that first fortunate gadget/gizmo; you kept your fingers upon?
Adam: Sony Eyeview Heads Up display

Zola: I am curious about the number of hours you manage to invest on daily basis in Gadgetell to chart out the present success story?
Adam: Six working hours followed by 15 hours thinking about everything that is going on.

Zola: One hidden truth
Adam: We still consider blogging to be a profitable hobby because we enjoy it so much.

Zola: Joys and pains involved in blogging
Adam: Hmmm..becoming addicted to traffic swings positively and negatively. Really, we love the fact that we can share our thoughts on the news with zillions of readers. So the true joy is that people actually listen!

Zola: Any tip to Bloggers’?
Adam: Remember that you are not only writing for yourself, but more importantly for your readers. It is easy to only write about topics that interest you the challenge is to keep your readers engaged.

Zola: Your views on Traditional Journalism V/S Blogging
Adam: They are certainly different creatures, but it’s like comparing TV shows and webisodes (IPTV). That doesn’t make one better than another; give it 10 years and they will be one in the same.

Zola: Where do you see your blog after five years from now?
Adam: Great question. Either closed down or extremely large.

Adam Berger Zola: What all features can your savvy readers look forward to?
Adam: If you only asked this a few weeks ago. We just launched a brand new design for Gadgetell and Appletell, Gamertell will be coming soon. We also just revamped our Live Blog system which was great for CES. We also just launched Photo Galleries with high-res images. Anything more than that you will have to wait until we get closer to the launches.

Zola: What piece of advice you would have given yourself five-years ago?
Adam: Start blogging, because it’s about to get huge! Or better yet, buy stock in Google!

Zola: Last but not least, what would you like to see the blogging world accomplish?
Adam: For people to become as addicted to current information as they are to their Crackberry’s. I’d also like to see large communities of bloggers working together to better shape the future of blogging.

Zola: How do you find EliteChoice?
Adam: Design is great. EliteChoice covers design across elite arenas. EliteChoice must be great.

Zola: Your turn! Ask me one question, anything you like:
Adam: If someone started a blog today can they succeed or has the internet become inundated with too much content?
Zola: I still deem that despite Internet populated with content, there is always a scope to welcome exclusive stuff. And now the question is how I would define exclusive. Right? Sticking to content only, it is an elite concept that can make you stand away from the myriad of existing players. To explore the hidden opportunities, I would suggest you to play with the platform called Internet, give vent to your weirdest thoughts and feel the outcome and move accordingly. And if you happen to meet failure, it would be worth cherishing as the nature of the task is your hard work. What say?
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