Most Expensive Beer by Carlsberg: $400 a Bottle

Carlsberg A/S ad claims it to be the best beer available globally and takes pride in being its sole producers. At $400 a bottle, it is being tagged as the priciest deal for those who love bathing in beer. The brewer, Scandinavia’s biggest lately launched a beer costing 2,008 Danish kroner ($396.47). The Vintage No. 1 brew would be available for sale at three Copenhagen restaurants counting Noma, a two-star Michelin and world’s 15th-best bistro in 2007, according to S.Pellegrino. The biting price of the beer is 357 times of the Carlsberg’s main Danish lager brand. There seem to be two good reasons behind its creation i.e. to counter the luxury wines segment, which is spreading like a virus in the connoisseur space and earn on growing individual wealth. Word is around that Carlsberg has delivered counted 600 bottles of the 10.5% proof beer. It is being said that another edition costing 2,009 kroner will hit the market in 2009 followed by 2,010 kroner in 2010.

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