Pingy: World’s Smallest Fire Extinguisher

Measuring 14 cm high and light as 1 kg is an electronic device called Pinky. Touted as world’s smallest fire extinguisher, it seems like a traverse between a hand grenade and an old-fashioned soda siphon and is been designed to save your life. It grasps almost 1kg of foam, which is sufficient to do away with small household inferno within no time.

This witty creation by designer Erik Crommelynck is the result of the thought that most of the Beligium-based homes lack doesn’t install fire extinguishers in their kitchen as they look too hideous or demands lot of space. Against their perception, the Pinqy is a model creation claiming to be no less than a masterpiece. Touted as world’s smallest fire extinguisher, Pingy proves to be of great support to special people or elderly and children as it weighs 1kg, almost one-fifth of traditional extinguishers. This handy device is been used by France’s biggest fire service.

To erase your left-out doubts, Pinqy bagged a gold medal at the British Innovation Show in 2007 and lately its distribution across British homes has started. The built-in safety valve shields it from exploding if temperatures become too high.

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