$25,000 Pistol Camera by Mamiya

Picture this: You are in a middle of a ceremony and witness photographers scaring guests by telling them “Hands Up, drop your glass and now say Cheese.’ And the end product was there pretty face captured inside a seemingly pistol camera. For a moment, it would be a dreadful shoot experience, making handful of them fall unconsciously. Designed by Japan-based Mamiya in 1954, counted 250 models were produced for police training and not for public availability. It features shoot half-size onto 35mm film, and had fixed-focus 45mm lenses. Not to mention, it isn’t a good deal for those seeking for digital or hi-tech cameras.

In 1993, one of these cameras got sold for $16,500 and the one at eBay is expected to fetch $25,000. If you have money to burn to calm down your firing desires then rush now as bidding is on for another one day i.e. till 23 January. If nothing else; the existence of such gadgets’ have made you prepared about the possible weird trick that you can play.
Pistol Camera

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