Falling Waters Fountain: Kerry Cleaver Artistic Creation

Light, Color, Sound! It has all. Demystifying it, I am referring to an active accessory to be taken home. This bravura falling waters fountain is no less than a statement in itself. It’s beautiful shades are being picked from the glass stones and cautiously positioned bits of dichroic glass. To my much-surprise, even the reverse-side of this worthy to be installed home accessory has plummet colored glass in a mosaic style. It flows of the water sings as well. The melodious rhythm is as soothing as a mountain rivulet. It comes with supporting table decked up with various tinted glass “stones” for the cistern.

This artistic creation by Kerry Cleaver is a kaleidoscope of color. Each of this masterpieces starting from a diminutive beach glass tabletop fountain to the majestic six-foot falling rock waterfall fountain is being hand crafted in the USA. It is been said that due to feng shui concept, the bold color usage conveys positive energy and arouses the flow of chi. Flowing water refreshes the Chi and pacifies your nerves. And the very blend of lighting makes this fountain ultra-powerful to bring good luck to the owner. Not only home, this could be placed at your office reception or even commercial palace as well.

It includes a major re-circulating p ump for the main waterfall and smaller one can accommodate the “stones” along with two underwater lights. If the one featured above seems to be missing something, then choice of colors is still yours and on demand the curves can be curved. It is retailed at $2,300.

Falling Waters Fountain

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