Temporarily Dying Infuses Life

Right on the heels of my words, I would like to say it loud that this seemingly concept to many is been practiced in Korea. Most of you would agree with me when I say that our life is nothing but synonymous to stress. And thus our hunt for a soothing moment begins. But if you want a quick-fix solution then visit Korea now. The unique exercise organized by the Korea Life Consulting Co. makes you rejuvenate your life temporarily dying. To be direct, at a drop of $325, you can feel your funeral experience while being alive.
It begins by laying clients inside a coffin with a tight-lid followed by a voluminous spray of dirt on the face of the coffin. The lights are switched off and soothing funeral music is on. There you get good 15-minutes to spend with your own self or a full-on panic attack. After this, the coffin is opened up and person comes out taking this moment as his “rebirth.”
This process is popularly known as “well-dying”, a gloomy drift energized toward cheering Koreans to lead happy and improved lives. The trial is a proven success as it has boosted the efficiency of many employees deputed in certain factories. As a result of this many companies are interested wanting their employees to undergo this process. No one can mar this innovative but weird way of increasing productivity. Around 50,000 people have experienced this since this concept turned reality in 2004. This is a good way to ‘start over.’

Temporarily Dying

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