Meghan Runkle Bernard Presents Purse Cum Teapot..Phew..

Call it a teapot, a petite purse, an art piece or a purse collection but mind you it is a must-have accessory for all collectors. Designed by artist Meghan Runkle Bernard, this creation is not only adorable but plainly useful. Against my imagination of limiting it only to design statement, the built-in tea strainer is functional. In place of a purse closure is a detachable lid likewise in any ceramic to pour hot liquid. It is available in three shades i.e. white, green and blue. The teapot follows the porcelain grade stoneware slab style.

Purse cum Teapot


Measurement: 5″H x 7.5″W x 2″D
Price: $189.00


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