Continuum: University of Michigan Unveils Seemingly Space-Ship Solar Car

Knowing there is no dearth of solar-cars; Solar Car Team of University of Michigan has unveiled its latest exclusive creation of Continuum at the Detroit Auto Show. Anticipated to be the pricey coupe, the Continuum has got the big sponsors involved viz. General Motors, Ford, Michelin and Motorola.


This creation is the result of the previous few versions. Against the earlier Continuum wherein a laying-down position for drivers was designed, this one poses driver in a sitting position and has also reduced the size of the solar cells.


It has a built-in an intelligent solar energy collecting system that taps sunlight on special high yield solar cells via parabolic mirror. To your much-surprise, it can speed upwards of 90mph. The team plans to use this miniature version for its performance testing before eyeing the full-sized version. Great job folks!

Via TechChee

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