Can Computer Understand Your Poochie’s Feelings’?

Hungarian scientists say yes! The question demands a deserving amount of attention as much as you love your pets. So please don’t cheat! Scientists based in Hungary are engaged working on software that will analyze dogs’ growl to let their owners have a better understanding of what their dear friend is feeling.

Reuters reports that Hungarian ethologist Csaba Molnar along with his colleagues from Budapest’s ELTE University have veteran software that identifies the poignant reaction of 14 dogs on the basis of six situations viz. feeling lonely, seeing a ball, aggressive, playing, coming across a stranger and departing for a walk. The scientist believes that a commercial application or a monitored device can help strengthen dog-human communiqué.

The computer accurately predicted the emotional response of the dogs by reading their barks and counted 40% of the cases from given 43% of the cases were judged correctly. If this happens, it would need a great amount of celebration for efforts invested in this cause.

Via Reuters

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