Transport Pod Bed: Elite Cosseting

Those who crib over their habit of taking a fag break nth times to break the monotony of work can now take a long breath. Also, you can now strict to your New Year resolution of ‘say no to cigarettes.’ This can be made possible by installing Transport Pod Bed in your ambience. The innovative mind behind this concept is of designer Alberto Frias, who keeps no limitation before his artistic creations. The stylish pod bed comes with built-in set of Anthony Gallo‘s four-inch Nucleus Micro speakers and 240-watt MPS subwoofer.

It creates a corporeal light, sound and space environment and its temperature-controlled waterbed surface has a potential to play a fanatical LED light show. Furthermore, it can be incorporated in with your iPod, PC, or other source that offers you a timely leisure. It flaunts a lustrous white peripheral finish and a toning matte white interior finish. This hand-made transport pod bed is available in two sizes and measures 6 into 8 feet in diameter. Valued at $16,000, this luxurious yet elite accessory has a potential to take you to a trance. Get one now; this is all I can suggest.

Transport Pod Bed: Elite Cosseting

Transport Pod Bed

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Transport Pod Bed: Elite Cosseting

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