Elite Blogger: Rendezvous with David Carlson

Let me take the honor of bringing across the dialogues with David Carlson, the designer mind behind David Report. For past 20 years, David has an accredited perceptive and familiarity with design, novelty, tactic, communiqu, trend and future insights. His work is driven by curiosity, braveness and passion. He being the first blogger of the series dubbed as ‘Elite Blogger’ has a lot to talk, teach and offer tips. This 44-year-young innovative creature is married and is blessed with four kids. Positioned in Falsterbo/Sweden, David takes inspiration from life and has a lot of interest in people. The USP of his blog resides in providing personal touch to the content and the enthusiastic blogger makes the point to devote couple of hours each day to his blog.

When asked what is the flow of your day? David answers It’s quite different every day, which is a clear indication that the man has much more to do besides BLOGGING. Right David? Well, besides a blogger, David is an entrepreneur and this he asserts by saying Life without blogging is nice as well.

And here is what David has to say:

Zola: Blog Since
David: 2006

Zola: Concept ‘David Report’ follows
David: The idea is to bring forward different aspects of design with an open minded attitude.

Zola: No. of posts you manage to play during a day:
David: I normally try to write one post a day. Sometimes less, depends of how much work I have at the moment.

Zola: I can’t relate design with culture and above all humanistic approach but your blog claims to say it loud David Report covers the intersection of design, culture and business life with a creative and humanistic approach. Could you help us identify the common threads that make them stay under one umbrella?

David: Design and culture are really related to humanism, because design is nothing worth if it is not developed with the users in mind. Design is a tool for making life better for the many people.

Zola: What is your target audience?
David: All those interested in a deeper definition of design.

Zola: Point two of your favorite posts from David Report and others each:
David: From David Report

Right V/S Left Brain
What is an environment-friendly car?

From Others

Are designers the enemy of design?

I’m a designer. Use me better.

Zola: What do you consider as your vocation?
David: Knowledge

Zola: Your favorite Blogs.
David: dezain and Mocoloco

Zola: Blogs that you dislike.
David: I don’t spend time disliking things.

Zola: Object/ Moment You Take Pride In
David: A lamp my father designed/made 1953… very personal to me.

Zola: What all do you count as your Hobbies?
David: Old sports car, Tennis, My work

Zola: If not Blogger then?
David: I would spend time with family and friends and concentrate on my different companies – the lifestyle shop Carlson Ahnell in Skanr, my consultancy David Carlson and my knowledge company Designboost.

Zola: What kind of designs do you cover? Do they have cultural roots attached to them?
David: I’m trying to cover design and design strategies that have high quality and authenticity, that are emotional and aesthetically interesting.

Zola: One Hidden Truth
David: I do lectures about old roses

Zola: Your biggest achievement?
David: It may be my former company David Design in which I spent 20 years building up.

Zola: Joys and Pains you identify in blogging
David: The sole pain is to find creativity for new posts every day and the compensatory pill of works when you have written a post.

Zola: Any tip to Bloggers?
David: Produce Exclusivity, Be personal.

Zola: Your views on Traditional Journalism V/S Blogging.
David: It makes a good marriage.

Zola: Where do you see your blog after five years from now?
David: Maybe even more specialized into how design can help us change our world. Mind you my roots would remain design.

Zola: What all features/ value additions can your savvy readers look forward to at David Report?
David: I will probably add more contributors to the blog and develop bulletins as well.

Zola: Funny thing that dominates your mind but not yet materialized:
David: Spare time

Zola: Can you think of an advice you have given yourself 5 years ago?
David: To relax and do things those are important in life

Zola: Thingamajig you expect blogging world to accomplish?
David: All bloggers should gear up to continue being an alternative to print press.

Your Favorites:
City: Tokyo
Music: Roxy Music
Book: Designboost 07
Food: Aglio, olio et peperoncino
Color: yellow
Movie: Bladerunner
Game: Tennis
Chocolate: bitter
TV Show: I’m not that TV savvy

Zola: Your views about Elite Choice.
David: It’s a good platform. Nice contribution of work, putting the list together.

Your turn! Ask me one question, anything you like.

What’s your vision with your blog for the future?
Elite Choice would come forward with many killers in year 2008. Sticking to its theme and concept, I would make an effort to widen my approach and tap bigger pieces of news to retain my savvy readers. I am very hopeful about this series tagged as Elite Blogger wherein I would like to feature all the bloggers from top 125 elite blogs. Right on the heels of my posts floating various round-ups viz. 80 world’s most-expensive elite products and months-old elite fashion blog bazaar series, I am looking forward to deliver something on these lines but with different elite flavor.

I can bet upon 2008 is going to be another year of achievement for Elite Choice.

Don’t forget to convey your wishes to him on 18 May (every year).Why? Folks, its his birthday!
David Carlson

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