Whirlpool Plug-and-Play Refrigerator for Kitcheny Women @ CES 2008

Featured above is a geeky refrigerator inviting women who feel handicap to work in kitchen in absence of gadgets. Serving dual purpose, this Whirlpool Plug-and-Play refrigerator takes you to an altogether different world which is surrounded by gadgets. The very plug in of this household accessory would put you across an array of gadgets.

Right on the heels of its ‘centralpark’ feature, it gives you an access to store and conserve your necessities (if you forgot that it’s not a mere refrigerator). It features, the Brandmotion iPod Speaker system that endures “the everyday opening and closing of the freezer door” without tumbling your iPod onto the floor. Above all, there is a possibility to connect a picture frame, the Clio Vu tablet computer with Wi-Fi plus the Quartet Qnote Message Center that enables you to dry-erase communication and enjoy the benefits of the digital clock.

Gallery: Whirlpool Plug-and-Play Refrigerator

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Whirlpool Refrigerator

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