World’s First Underwater Digital Interface @ CES 2008

Respecting the possibility of tying underwater, CES 2008 brings forth world’s first digital device that allow us to type a message while we are swimming or diving. Identified as the Underwater Digital Interface (UDI), the device realizes the urgency of the time and enables you send across SOS emergency communications.

The UDI offers its divers with more precautions than before, enabling connectivity amongst up to 14 divers on a single UDI frequency in a depth of over 200 feet. To handle the discomfort of water captivation and colossal diving gear, the gearshift is more basic than your ordinary smart phone (no QWERTY keyboards here). But folks, to enjoy the communication, you need to buy two at a time and each one is available for $1200.

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Underwater Digital Interface

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