Here Comes 2008! But First a Deserving Tribute to 2007

Dear Readers,

As we come to the end of another momentous year in our journey together, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on 2007 and also look ahead to 2008, a year that will bring forth many challenges and great opportunities for all of us.

While I must admit this year has been a tough one as we were new to blogging or vice versa but managed to stay away from the tag of making guest appearance. 2007 saw great talent infusion at all levels by breaking news in diverse categories viz. luxury, auctions, gadgets and of course world’s most expensive products. We were geared up to offer you the must-read pieces leaving no space for complaints. Also, we were glad to welcome news tip from our savvy readers and advertisers.

All this has set the stage for 2008. You can expect to see greater respect for our blog as it continues to evolve. Our ability to reach the right ears, deeper understanding of their articulated and unmet needs was a battle before us that we finally won. Our culture of solidarity and supporting each other would go a long way in making us successful. The coming year will bring its unique set of competitive pressures and challenges and we will need to be on our toes, reducing inefficiency and freeing up resources.

This won’t always be painless but, unless we simultaneously prune under-performance and feed great talent our growth as a must-have member of blogging community will not come through as we desire.

2008 is going to be a year of launches that I am responsible to bring it here. I realize this commitment and am looking forward to bring a smile and listen ‘what!’ on every post you read here and then you pinch yourself to feel the reality. This seems to be the mantra elite gentry wish to follow.

It’s time to thank all of you for a terrific support in 2007 and lets welcome year 2008 together.

Thank you
Happy New Year

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