Bizzare Bedding: Weird but Wonderful Hotels

This piece of news is for my wild readers who not only have the courage to fantasize themselves living in a sewer pipe but can do that to widen their experience. Unlike soon-to-be-be constructed hotels under sea or on sky, the one am talking about is very much active. Whilst lately I told you about underwater lodging that was no less than living in an aquarium and ewok-style house that rotated your eyelids, today I have something more to add my list of unique dwellings.

Bizzare Bedding

Albeit Christmas has just passed but the holiday mood is on to welcome 2008. How about celebrating New Year in a cave house or an elite prison cell? Well, you can! Aptly called as extreme hotels, the unique installment eyes customers who love experimenting with their life. So, it’s time to get book one now. Offering cockpit and cocktails, there is a New Zealand based old Bristol freighter that serves you as a hotel. With one suite in the old pilot’s quarters and other in tail, the dwelling is spell-bounding. You may call it a dog edifice but this was the out-product of the two chainsaw artists in Idaho, U.S.A, who wanted to install a roadside desirability to tempt guests to their studio. Based in Sweet Willy, it is known as the Beagle B&B.
Now comes lifeboat. These were marine survival capsules located in The Hague, Netherlands that have been turned into a hotel. If by any chance you wish to stay in a cave shaped above then it is here. These 5th century cliff dwellings positioned in Cappadocia, Turkey warmly welcomes as the rooms here are available for rent.

Bizzare Bedding

Now how about having a romance with your beloved in an underwater room? Utter Inn in Sweden offers this ultimate experience. Few more, I am sure you can’t afford to miss. The igloo Village offers astoundingly warm housing in a ski resort high in the Swiss AlpsPipe dream. And now my favorite! Handful of pieces of tangible sewage pipes has been fitted with beds in Austria and they don’t demand much. Also, the usage off old winemaking barrels to construct a bedroom in Stavoren, Holland and a youth hostel known as Celica (cell) formed out of one-time military prison in Ljubljana, Slovenia is amazing.

Gallery: Weird but Wonderful Hotels

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Bizzare Bedding

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