World’s Most Expensive Corkscrew At £36,000

For an affluent wine lover, it is the eventual New Year Present-no matter you have to loose the weight of your wallet for buying one. The news is world’s most expensive corkscrew has fetched £36,000. The profligate thing is accessible like any other ordinary corkscrew, enabling you to open wine-bottle within seconds.

I understand your curiosity about its demanding price and the credit for this goes to its ingredients–titanium and gold, which makes it pricey as any luxurious coupe. The Sveid Corkscrew especially designed for wine lovers can be used for domestic needs.

Counted 52 pieces of aviation titanium along with a lead cap cutter and ordinary screw help formed this corkscrew which is offered in a cigar-like presentation box. The lever is dipped in 18-carat gold or platinum on demand. Belgian Frank Sveid, 62, is being able to sell off few corkscrews since its production in November.

Via Dailyrecord

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