A Retail Utopia: Apple Stores Invite Savvy Customers

These days visiting Apple Store is no less than entering a Pleasantville as the happening place brings smile on the face of its visitors (magic of smiling employees) and flow of things here is also just perfect. This is the argument that NYT buys and supports it with facts and figures. The aura of Apple retail store complements well with its fascinating architecture, and the ambience attracts you towards this eventful place that is at bay from any ordinary retail store. Those who doubt the above said things may stay tightlipped and read further to enlighten their knowledge as figures don’t lie!

Also, 20% of Apple’s revenue is generated from the stand alone edifice that calculates almost 42% increase over figures from the 4Q of 2006. The store also claims to develop sales at a rate of about $4000 per square foot a year. Appended above is only handful of reasons for making stock up by 135%. Now my query is as a visitor, do you feel on the same lines or share a different opinion? Do quote!

Apple Stores

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