Batcave Home Theater

The very mention of an exclusive home theater rotates the eye lids of movie buffs who can’t afford to extract time out of their busy schedule, cribs about the same and finds rescue in feature packed home-theater. But human curiosity can never be satisfied and they keep on expecting something better than the available. Beating the earlier Extreme-spa home theater and $300k Goldmunds media room, today we have a unique offering for you. I can’t take this argument its better than the existing home theaters but surely I can vouch for its uniqueness.

batcave home theater Batcave Home Theater

Identified as Batcave Home Theater, its theme and design reside very well to its name. Designed by New Hampshire-based installer DC Audio Video Systems, the set-up comprises of prop bats which hang from top with a built-in motorized 110″ 16:9 Stewart Electriscreen, Triad Silver THX Speakers, and a Sony G90, a $36,000 commercial 1080p 2500 x 2000 CRT projector. Surprising but attracting your senses, the room features eight black, motorized leather recliners and a LiteTouch LC5000 System for Lighting Control. I admire the dark gothic ambience.

batcave3 Batcave Home Theater

batcave Batcave Home Theater

Via SlashFilm


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