Elite Handbag: Eiffel Tower Tote with Crystals

Whilst days back Eiffel tower with built-in 1,911-step staircase was in news for selling off its one of the piece, which within days was picked by a Dutch investor Erik Kurvera for $219,600. And today when I came across crystallized Eiffel tower, I couldn’t stop myself but to do a certain level of R&D over it to offer Christmas feast for my readers. And I feel fortunate to announce that I met success. Against much of yours fantasies, it is not to be related to a monumental beauty but to add value to your personality.

It’s a bag with a form that of Eiffel tower. Available at Timmy Woods, this Eiffel Tower Bag comes festooned with around 6,300 Swarovski crystals and was carried by Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City’ movie’s first scenes. The bag will be available in stock on 2 January, 2008. This can be the beginning of your New Year’s investment.

Price: $2,500

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Eiffel Tower Tote

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