Homeless Dwells In Luxurious Hotel

There’s homeless as verified by a cluster of Italian tramps camping out in the garret above a seven-star Milan-based Hotel. The 10 drifters took shelter on the top of the swanky Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, few floors over the Galleria Townhouse hotel. The hotel charges $5,000 a night.

The clandestine camouflage packed with a washing machine, refrigerator and kitchen sink was identified by the cops during a custom tune check of the building, which is an abode to stores like Prada and Gucci. Police exposed two dormitories crammed with attires, sleeping bags and bare beer bottles. These 10 unlawful tenants use to access the fresh-room of the nearby fast-food restaurant. The structure was gated but the unidentified visitors actually made a copy of a key, advancing attic entrée in a service crane.

Via EarthTimes

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