Eco-Boat to Set World Speed Record

A New Zealand-built boat that runs completely on biodiesel is geared up to take the challenge and crack the world speed record for circumventing the globe in a motorboat 2008. Scheduled for 1 March, this 24-metre Earthrace skippered by New Zealander Pete Bethune will start from Valencia, Spain and navigate the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans as well as the Panama and Suez canals. Bethune is in high spirits destined to break the present world record of 74 days, 20 hours and 58 minutes, rolled out by the Cable and Wireless Adventurer boat in 1998. He also has a strong feeling his success would endorse biodiesel as a feasible substitute to petroleum diesel.

Besides green fuel source, the Earthrace also features eco-friendly uniqueness viz. non-toxic paint. Designed in Auckland, It’s assembling and final creation took 14 months with an investment of $A3.5 million, that Bethune collected by selling his house and other precious belongings.

Making an emblematic gesticulation towards the scheme, enduring liposuction with two other volunteers formed 10 litres of human fat — adequate to command the boat for 15 kilometres. One unique feature of this yacht is its potential to “submarine” throughout waves, dipping deep down to a level of seven metres submarine, facilitating it to preserve a higher standard speed in the course of big seas.

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