Dress Reflects Woman’s Mood

There are few things in life that you can’t bear and also not afford to stay away from it. Women top that list! And the genuine credit for this asset of women goes to her Mood Swings. Sometimes it’s easy to understand her emotional like flinged crockery behavior or torrent of tears is again a good pointer. But ask poor men how often they desire for a gadget that can give him the signals of what’s going within their women.

But now with the coming of mood-reading dress, this worry can be resolved. This Bubelle dress makes use of emotion sensors built-in within a skin-hugging internal layer to perceive the frame of a mind of a woman. Conceiving the signals discharged, the outer layer changes its shade and conveys what that meant. Designed by Philips, this sensitive dress follows the physical changes connected with diverse sensations.

Feelings such as anxiety, provocation or panic produce light, which then alters pattern and color depending upon the intensity. Philips “body architect” Lucy McRae believes this garment is a highly intricate electronic or biochemical mechanism that is more receptive to delicate prompts like sensuality, fondness and consciousness.

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