Illy Push Button House: Shipping Container Unfolds into Five-Room Abode in 90-secs

Identified as the Illy Push Button House, it is an invitation for those who take inspiration from James Bond. Designed by architect Adam Kalkin, the dwelling is built inside a standard shipping container and it is just a 90 seconds magic to unveil the five-room home with built-in kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and library.

Go Green seems to be ideology of the architect as the house is constructed using recycled materials. Within the kitchen island, the hydraulic cylinders are being operated and managed by an installed computer system. This inventive Bond-styled domicile is being exhibited at New York based Time Warner Center from 29 November- 29 December, 2007.

Illy Push Button House

It is a unique example of usage of mobile mechanics in various circumstances including disaster-relief housing or a sustainable home. It is being said, during the holiday season, Illy welcomes coffee lovers, design aficionados and punters to stay at this Push Button House and enjoy a gracious cup of coffee while updating themselves about the Illy’s loyalty to durability.

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Illy Push Button House

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