Auralex Acoustics Introduces Shockwave AudioTile

Acoustic assimilation/dispersion room treatment resources are not beatable if we talk about big speakers or amplifiers. But at the same time they can be decisive in producing the best sound quality from a room. The latest offering of Auralex’s Russ Berger designed pArtScience line of products is known as AudioTile. It claims to offer utmost broadband assimilation amongst the gamut of customizable products available in the market. AudioTile makes use of tessellated patterns ranging that are 1” to 4” thick and is designed using proprietary “Studiofoam” to soak up resonance and other unwelcome indication through a wide range of frequencies.

At the same time it does allows some dispersion and indication to keep from over soggying the space. “Shockwave” is the latest available prototype for AudioTile, and numerous such designs can be created from Shockwave’s four diverse structures. It is anticipated that various supplementary models would soon the market. AudioTile is currently available in packages of 24 or 96 tiles at a retailed price of $159 and $599 respectively.

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Shockwave AudioTile

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