$725,000 Kite Assists Ship Fights Climate Change

If you contemplate a solar-powered ferryboat to be outdated, then what I am going to share next justifies itself. Apparently, this 433 ft long “Beluga SkySails” is set to make its maiden expedition next month. It won’t be dependent upon gulping profuse amount of diesel while crossing Atlantic on its navigation to Venezuela, up to Boston and back to Europe. It will be swallowing down fuel and would be supported by a computer directed kite linked to its bow.

Beluga SkySails

This $725,000 device will be tied to a 15-meter high pole and will wing some 300 meters higher than the boat so as to drive enough wind to essentially aid in ship-movement. It is being claimed that the SkySails kite impulsion arrangement will cut fuel utilization by “up to 20%” thereby enabling operator save $1,600 per day hack off carbon emissions. I wish all the success for its upcoming trip.

Via Reuters
Beluga SkySails

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