710-Year-Old Magna Carta Fetches $21.3 mn at Sotheby’s

And the long awaited auction finally materialized tagging David Rubenstein, founder of The Carlyle Group as the proud owner of an elite English royal manuscript, Magna Carta (aka Magna Carta Libertatum). David dropped $21.3 million for picking this 710-year-old manuscript at an auction scheduled in New York at Sotheby’s.

The sales generation is lower than the pre-sale anticipated price of $30 million. Dating back to 1297, the manuscript carries the wax seal of King Edward I and preserves the rights of man into English law. It is one of the only 17 accessible copies of the Magna Carta. Initially it was under the custody of the Brudenells of Northamptonshire, England, who protected it during 14-15th century and the news is that the proceeds would be donated to the charity set up by billionaire Ross Perot.

Magna Carta

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