Man to Sell Soul on eBay for $1 mn

I used to wonder if someone can be so desperate to sell out his soul in order to earn money for investing in Christmas celebration. But here I found one. News is that an American man has put his soul to the ebay’s auction block demanding £500,000. It is being said the proud buyer can take home his spirit fitted in a glass jar along with a contract “relinquishing ownership”. Since, the spirit is currently not in use, so the Los-Angles based seller thought that sale is a better option than any devil ruling it.

The seller also wish to buy it back as the money earned from the present sale would add spark to his ordinary life. The initial bid is $1 million, but amazingly he has yet to receive an offer. But hopes are still alive as there is another day to go. The auction can be seen as a replica of one of an episode of the Simpson’s, wherein Bart sells his soul to Milhouse. Also, if you can recall Bart laughing madly at failure of automatic doors to stay closed.

Via SkyNews
Man to Sell Soul on eBay for $1 mn

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