“Shen Lung” Dragon Figurine

Without any doubt, Dragons predict kismet and this cannot be denied. Another undeniable feature is that they represent the outstanding features of strength, passion, blaze and horror. Whilst the visibility and availability of dragons in different forms is now known to you in different forms viz. giant dragon boat, alien eerie furniture; today I came across a unique statuette. Featured above is a Shen Lung Dragon Figurine, a fraction of the Lustre compilation, which is hand-painted in different shades viz. brown, orange and green with a metal finish.

They are also available in the form of a handset with multihued celebrated Swarovski crystals that emphasize the shades of dragon and the green globe that is preset at the front paw. This Shen Lung Dragon small sculpture twinkles impeccably in stunning traces and is retailed at $2,600.

Shen Lung

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