Popsicles Or Frozen Apple iPods? Ask Ice Cream Company!

What I am going to share further is an unbeatable example of how to promote a brand like a petty ice cream. Marring the earlier experiments of gluing prizes on the stick, Unilever’s Brazilian ice-cream company Kibon has gone a step further by inking a deal with Apple to embed their iPod shuffles within the Popsicle. Is it possible? Yah, it has been made possible and thanks to the great mind Mentor Muniz Neto-creative director for Bullet Brazil. The company has produced 10,000 such Popsicles.

Their earlier plan of putting the shuffle within pack didn’t materialized as even a blind can tell the presence of iPod with the packet by feeling it. So, What Next? One thing was sure that the form and structure of the Popsicle need not be deformed but question was how it is possible. But like said nothing is impossible, the idea clicked to insert shuffles inside a real Popsicle and to their much-surprise it also got failed as the humidity would have cracked the shuffle within no time.

Another trial! A fake ice cream that is a prototype of a real ice cream and it worked as there were no actual humidity issues involved and also one can feel the real ice cream. Virtually, it is next to impossible to identify it being a fake one. This entire exercise was followed by another check-up on Infinite Loop’s end to test if the electronic circuitry is shielded against temperatures between -4 and -22 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 and -30 degrees Celsius), the standard temperature range of a typical freezer. And it got a green signal from Apple to carry on with their productions. To do justice to the customers’ penny, they fake ice cream was also complemented with a real one.

So, finally Kivon’s “iPod no palito” summer promotion is expected on 18 December.

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