Giant Fish Car Needs Parking Space

Is Andy Hazell, 48 from Knighton, Powys is regretting his creation? The artist is in a poor state as he could not locate a spacious parking for his silver car turned lately into an avatar of a giant fish. The designer mind has invested $$$$$ to swerve this Vauxhall Corsa into an 18ft (5.5m) scale model of a sea bass. A hydraulic system is being fitted into the automobile so that fish can hiss its tail, hoist its fins and open and close its mouth. He shares people consider him an insane creature but it is his passion for producing bizarre things that gives me strength. The fish car is embedded with 320 fluorescent lights along the fish’s aerodynamic aluminum cadaver and is operational on 12-volt motors. Measuring 18ft from nose to tail, it has aroused Hazell worries to construct an exclusive parking space for it as it won’t fit in traditional parking lot.


Fish Car

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