$500,000 SeaPhantom: A PowerBoat-Aircraft Hybrid

Don’t mistake by identifying this speedboat as another thingamajig from James Bond flick. Christened as the SeaPhantom, the concept of this “low-flying” aircraft is been designed by David Borman, founder of Maritime Flight Dynamics Inc. Power-driven by a MV-10 625 hp motor supplied by Ilmor Engineering, this fusion of a power boat and model aircraft slices crossways the effect at 87 knots (around 100 mph). The moment engine blends the boat from rest to 35 mph, the SeaPhantom reflects any other motorboat. Its six-foot-long bowed foils expand across the wings of the boat and the SeaPhantom sets to rise above the waves like a perfunctory water-skier.

But what makes it bag the title of an Aircraft?

The airflow beneath the SeaPhantom raises the boat out of the water’s pull thereby supporting 85% of the boat’s mass. It is here when this boat loaded with five passengers seems to slither or ‘fly’ above the waves, assuring a comfortable ride. Borman took stimulation from 1960s NASA aircraft that was potential enough to produce lift regardless of wings. He envisages offering his crossbreed powerboat as a substitute transport connecting coastal towns or an island ferry service. Word is around that the US Navy has shown interest to pick this craft for its troops but question remains are they ready to shell out $500,000? I wish the response is affirmative.

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