$5.1 mn Microwave Machine Extracts Petroleum and Gas from Junk

Frank pringle did some R & D over squeezing oil and gas from just waste or anything and the results are worth applauding. His recycling machine seemingly a green hawk knows how to pull petroleum and gas from a mere piece of tire, rock or even a plastic stuff. Anything made up of hydrocarbons can be the source of oil and gas for this microwave emitter. It aims at compressing the petroleum and gas veiled deep inside every object that we use in day-to-day schedule. Within one-hour, the first viable version will churn 10 tones of auto waste-tires, vinyl, plastic-into sufficient natural gas that can fabricate 17 million BTUs of energy. It demands around 956,000 of BTUs for its functioning. The first order of the machine is under process in Rockford, Illinois. This $5.1-million microwave machine is not less than the size of small bus called the Hawk used for an auto-recycler based in Long Island, New York.


Microwave Machine

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