El Avion: Cargo Plane Turned Into Restaurant Cum Bar

Picture this: You are standing surrounded by all haute babes in the leftovers of one of the US’s biggest scandals with a glass filled with overpriced liquor. Yah, it is possible as the featured above is a cargo plane called El Avion, now a restaurant cum bar built around a 1954 Model, Fairchild C-123. This is a clear indication of the available future prospects for ant cargo plane that is shot down. Good enough! Fairchild C-123 is been associated with one of the biggest scandals in the mid 1980’s when Reagan administration’s strange network for arms was sold to Iran. It met its end as a cargo plane on 5 October, 1986 on its way to deliver supplies to the Nicaraguan Contras.

Now in its new avatar, El Avion serves lavish food and drinks. Now you can think of wrapping your bag with $$$$$ and things of spending days under the wings of this 1954 Model. One of the attracting features besides its menu and unique accessibility is its scenic ambience wherein seacoast blends with mild reddishness during the evening sunset. This is an inspiration for to-be-retired planes.


El Avion
El Avion

El Avion

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