Vida: World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle With 24,000 Pieces

No matter how early we grow mature, we can still admire our good-old days by touching space with our childhood puzzles that remain ever young. Keeping the desire in mind, world’s largest jigsaw puzzle is being designed comprising of 24,000 pieces by renowned puzzle manufacturer identified as Educa beating the earlier one of 18,000 pieces that drives the curiosity of both youthful and elderly. The game is a bit taxing, thrilling, enlightening but demands a great amount of patience in return.


It is been identified as Vida (Life), which literally means ‘The Great Challenge’. Calculate it in either ways-number of pieces or its dimensions, the puzzle maintains its tag of being the World’s largest Jigsaw Puzzle. Once done, it flaunts the colossal size measuring 428 x 157 cm, which is equivalent to the huge painting that decorates a wall. Wow! Now I can think of decorating my room boundaries with puzzle games. Isn’t it Interesting? Of course, it is as it serves dual purpose.


The lot of pieces comes in four packets of 6000 pieces each. The great mind behind its creation is a veteran puzzle artist, Royce B. McClure, who had earned various labels of producing countless puzzles earlier. The puzzle once completed looks no less than one of his paintings that he winded up years back. It is full of color, variety, action, splendor, excitement and above all LIFE. It is retailed at $299.99. The first person taking pride in completing this exhaustive puzzle is Annick Oriol based in Belgium and she invested nearly 28 days and 20 hours.

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