Portable Inflatable Multimedia Massage Chair: Astone Sit N Joy

After a stressful day, a glass of champagne can offer you peace at mind but not bodily ease. Respecting the same, Astone Sit N Joy portable inflatable multimedia massage chair has been designed to mollycoddle you by taking you to a different planet while sitting there. It is packed with 8-massage utility variants that assure to squeeze away your stress and offers a restful pill to your tiresome muscles.

Astone Sit N Joy

The process can be practiced while sitting physically on this chair regardless of your and mind being engrossed with reading book, watching TV, enjoying the scenic beauty, being at poolside or simply day dreaming. The chair flaunts built in speakers that catches onto your MP3 player or iPod. If you plan to dip into the pool then you can tow away the player in a waterproof cubicle box that resides on the arm. The compartment is huge enough to lodge other valuable accessories like car keys, hotel room cards and cash or coins. It is retailed at $123 and is available for direct pick from their site.

Astone Sit N Joy

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