Elite Estate: $180 mn Belgravia House, Britain’s Most-Expensive

Overshadowing the earlier record set by astounding £70 million ($140 million) Updown Court; here is a £90 million ($180 million) home all set to be sold in the vicinity of the Britain’s elite site – the renowned Belgrave Square. Its price tag is alleged to make this break the record and reach the pedestal of being the most expensive estate in Britain. This incredible chattel covers up to six storeys and too two-long years to refurbish. Allegedly Irina Abramovich has given a tribute to the evolving property by dropping “petty” £35 million ($70 million) offer for a close by estate that clearly offers an indication regarding its lineage.

The estate features a media room, basement swimming pool, gymnasium, 12 bedrooms and bathrooms each, salon and a spacious garage to accommodate four cars. Spread over 20,000 sq ft, the house is expected to hit the market by early 2008. If the news has aroused your curiosity then touch space with concerned guys now as good things are grabbed early.

Via SundayMail

Belgravia House

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