Biking On Bicycle Outfitted With Amplifiers

Call it weird, extraordinary, crazy but it is productive and now inviting! It is some one’s hobby to churn bicycles into systematic outdoor sound systems that is offering a new range of automobile to the people allowing them to enjoy music while strolling on bicycle. It has happened! A biker gang of teenagers is seen strolling on the streets of Richmond Hill, Queens along 103rd Avenue just west of the Van Wyck Expressway. Don’t mistake by identifying their vehicle as bikes but ordinary bicycles that roar and burn the road without engines. Well, these machines look and sound more like undulating D.J. booths. They are equipped with sophisticated stereo systems established by the youths.

The one with 5,000 watts is retailed at $4,000 and features superior speakers, two 15-inch bass woofers and four midrange amplifiers. The bicycle plays music from his iPod and is motorized by car batteries outfitted on a brawny motocross bike. There also exist varieties of bikes that are equipped with DVD screens offering clear screening while riding.

Biking Bicycle

What is helping them gain momentum in that region is the very ignorance of people. For them having amplifiers in four-wheeled vehicle is enough. The great minds engaged in this activity include Ragbir, his brother Elvis Ragbir and their friends who invest hours here building and upholding their arrangement of bike-stereos in a garage on 103rd Avenue near 130th Street. These folks invest equal good hours in installing car stereos to generate money to sustain their hobby. It is their skills and interest that has made them to headlines.


Biking Bicycle

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