World’s Most Expensive Perfume: No. 1 Perfume

Its name says it all. Touted as ‘No. 1 Perfume’, it is legitimately announced as the world’s most expensive fragrance. I can recall when I was a kid I use to think Guinness stamp is enough to give credit to the pricey production. And with age I am realizing how true it is. I have started perceiving Guinness World Records synonymous to most expensive and unique creation. Lately, folks at Guinness have added the perfume featured above to their valuable records. Thanks to its brand and deserving cost that has encouraged Guinness to update their records. While unveiling the perfume, the credit was bestowed upon the brand by honoring them with Guinness certificate and the brand took it as an opportunity to flaunt their hard-attained recognition. But i wonder, there is no mention about it being studded with precious stones or crystals, the what makes it so pricey?

No. 1 Perfume

They say one ounce costs about $2600. If think of calculating the price of single bottle then it is ready to bite you with $215,000 per bottle. But if you want to save some money then keep your fingers on $5000 Yu, a fragrance by Mane. For video captured by AP of No. 1 Perfume, Jump further:

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No. 1 Perfume

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