World’s Most Expensive Car Audio System: RA:1K

Till not installed in car but designed for your pricey coupe, the latest invention of the new Rogue Acoustics Audio System (RA:1K) is expected to have savvy customers. This unique new car audio system originated from Australia exploits digital signal dispensation, high competence drivers and unbeatable amplifiers. A deserving amount of promotion would be given to them by honoring them to be featured on a TV. The innermost amplifier of this premier speaker system have a built-in cell phone that allows technicians from Rogue Acoustics to access dial-in and tune or examine the system from any corner of the globe.

World’s Most Expensive Car Audio System: RA:1K

If thieves reckon it their good toss then mind you the complementary remote connection can immobilize the system if reached into wrong hands (after conveying). The capable amplifier alarms the dealer directly in case of any unexpected discrepancies and this invites for a relaxed service rendezvous.


The amplifiers have tremendously stumpy vocal buckle points (0.008% at 100 watts) together with a lofty sign to noise relation (better than 115dB) that offers loud clarity to the sound. Classically 3 to 6 amplifiers are embedded within the system, with each being capable of providing 1,000 watts incessant at 8 ohms (bridged) or 500 watts at 4 ohms per channel (2-channel amplifiers). The RA: 1K is retailed at price tag of $72,000 (pictured) but can reach beyond $330,000 if compiled with extra features, touting it the latest most expensive car audio system available globally beating the $ 259,000 Critical Mass CES5.1 Electrostatic System. If it has won your heart, you can buy it from Rogue Acoustics.

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World’s Most Expensive Car Audio System: RA:1K

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  • A great way to buy car audio on a budget is to buy used equipment. Depending on the type of equipment and the history of the unit it may be a great value or it may complete junk.

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