Ink Deal With Ewok-Style Tree Houses

Whilst ministers from India and US are facing the addiction of global warming (never-ending discussion), the Canadian residents would have the benediction to enjoy their luxurious stay in the eco-friendly houses positioned right in the green vicinity. Tom Chudleigh, a Canadian carpenter has erected Ewok-style tree houses that can offer a comfy sleep for a small family (at least four-members). This hand crafted state-of-the-art free spirit spheres are formed using wood with fiberglass covering that offers waterproof exterior. The raising of this much-in-demand estate demands three people to be at work for continuous three days.

The interior of the house features a working kitchen with accessories including microwave, refrigerator and sink, and can be tailored by including beds and bronze doors. The witty mind behind this creation has disclosed that the sturdy spheres offer a worthy invitation to the people to fly to this rainforest and enjoy their stay here. Tom also has plans to design a sphere equipped with a washroom, bathe and sauna. But my dear pals, you have to pay the worthy cost to bring feel the magical experience of this luxurious house. You are expected to shell out $45,000 for the sphere alone but in case you love buying complete sets then free feel to enter into this with your beloved by dropping $152,000.

Ewok House

Ewok-Style Tree Houses

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  • This is pretty awesome. If I had the money I’d make a treehouse campsite. I wish there was more about how the sink works though. And I’m guessing theres no shower? And you ‘go’ in the woods? I’d like more info and pics of how you fit 4 people in there.

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