Humanoid Robot Alarms Dentist Of Patient’s Pain

The dentist based in Japan can now think themselves as blessed creatures ever. They have got their companion who can shield them from the adversities of their errands. They can now sense the movement of the drill while treating over patient and can feel patients pain (if any) as the humanoid robot do mumbles “ouch” when the drill strikes a nerve.
A team of robot and computer makers demonstrated the high-tech dental patient in Tokyo at the 2007 International Robot Exhibition, a four-day technology platform that opened on 28 November. The medical imitation robot, called “Simroid,” would be used for clinical training at dental schools. Tatsuo Matsuzaki, a representative of the robot maker firm Kokoro, artistically created the robot. But if your sharp brain reckons it is too real, then you can pinch the attached sensor on its breast that alarms if it touches unsuitably.
Humanoid Robot
This 160-centimeter (five-foot-three) robot can also utter, “it hurts” and frown on the every pain caused by the dental drill. This concept is quite different from the Humanoid robot that I talked about yesterday to be used for household errands. But must-say both are unbeatable and designer to leave impressions in their dignified tasks.
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Humanoid Robot

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