Faberge Egg Sold For $16.5 mn

Whilst 54 days back all eyes were on Fabergee Egg that reached the auction block with a mood to set a record by fetching $18 mn, today the mission got successful. This 1902 Faberge egg was purchased by some anonymous buyer for £8 million ($16.5 million) at Christie’s auction house in London. The bidding of the egg started with £4.8 million ($9.9 million). Festooned with diamond, gold and enamel, this state-of-the-art work was signed by the expert craftsman Karl Faberge. It reached the auction block through Rothschild banking family, who was holding this egg since 1905.

It features a popping cockerel with diamond studded wings that resides at the tip of the egg. Considered one of the grand beauties of the art world, the eggs of this masterpiece were commissioned from Faberge by the Russian Tsars. Faberge and his goldsmiths produced the first egg in 1885 for Tsar Alexander III.
Faberge Egg

The work was appreciated by Russian royals to an extent that they were asked to produce one egg on yearly basis to be gifted on Easter to the Tsar’s family. Counted 68 eggs were produced during 1800s and early 20’s, out of which 54 were given to the Russian royal family and the remaining were given to the private collectors.


Faberge Egg

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