Meet Mr Scissorhands

Wang Zedong, 41, a China-based barber has set a world record by chopping customer’s hair with 10 pairs of scissors concurrently. The barber from Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province took the opportunity to flaunt the skills in a TV studio amongst a huge audience including Guinness officials. Wang was a bit conscious to perform before number of customers; therefore he rehearsed this stunt on the customers visiting his shop demanding a beautiful hair cut.

What could be the reason or let me put it this way what made Wang use 10 scissors at the same time? Whooping number of customers, who rushed his shop forcing him to be more efficient or rather over-efficient to deal with all of them within time. Well, you must be thinking that Wang would have deputed more staff but instead he preferred training himself with more than one pair of scissors. Another shock! He claims that he can even cut hair with as many as 18 pairs of scissors concurrently with closed eyes.



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