Record Breaking Playing Cards Skyscraper

Literally speaking a Guinness World Record holder Bryan Berg (33) invests hours of his time in designing structures made up of playing cards and not bricks or mortar. Having set a record by topping the charts of Guinness’s “Cardstacker” category, Berg is religiously engaged in building skyscrapers, domes, cathedrals and auditoriums. To your much-surprise, these structures stand in insolence of gravity and remain firm till he takes a call to gust them into ashes.

This has enabled Berg generate living out of his hobby. His latest creation of 25 feet 9 7/16 inches tall skyscraper made within 30-days has beaten the earlier record of 25 feet 3 inches monument designed using 20,000 cards set in this category fortunately made by him. Berg is travelling across U.S to exhibit his unbelievable creations carved out of playing cards.


His USP resides in his non-usage of glue, tape or any other product but still structures can afford to stand firmly. Berg is known to break records for past 15 years. After seeing the previous one (video below) and present (featured above), my curiosity is driven to witness the upcoming monument that can overshadow these two.


Playing Cards

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