$39,000 PhantomPark: Parking Beneath Garage

Garage on wheels can offer dwelling to 8 wheels! Yah, pinch yourself as this two-deck vehicle identified as the PhantomPark Car Lift Garage System can offer parking to your two giant and pricey automobiles. The concept is being nurtured in America.

The entire lift structure slides down with one vehicle providing a hard surface for your other coupe. And then there is no space for worries in your life. This is a priviledged way to save your money from investing in buying another lavish property that offer space to your SUV or makes you successful in your mission to keep your costly sedan away from the eyes of your neighbors’. There exist endless options and excuses to bring home this automatic parking-system. Well, if need be it can go up on your very choice. Retailed at $39,000, the mental peace offered by this system is unbeatable.

Its heavy-duty clippers fashioned lift is designed to lift two (2) vehicles concurrently or lift one vehicle in low ceiling functions. The deck arrangement and elating / orchestrating mechanism is utterly cloaked underground leaving no chance to sense that a lift (or second car) is residing when lowered.

Jump further to see upside-down of luxury coupe:

PhantomPark Parking Under The Garage – Funny video clips are a click away



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