World’s Oldest Valentine Card is World’s Most Expensive One

I was wrong. The history of Valentine day is not years old but years-over-years old. I came across this 1790 valentine card; seemingly oldest that happens to be the world’s most expensive valentine card ever. It is being said that the sketch of this Valentine card disclosed by the Royal Mail was expected to generate a sale up £4,000, if sold.

At present this card is being placed at the British Postal Museum under their records but unfortunately there could not be any proud bidder for this as they have no plans to sell it.

The card is a handcrafted puzzle that unfurls to expose poetic letters, far away from the short love-giggles mentioned in today’s Valentine’s cards.

The face of the card reads:
“My dear the Heart which you behold,
Will break when you the same unfold,
Even so my heart with lovesick pain,
Sure wounded is and breaks in twain.”

A spokesperson from Royal Mail Patrick O’Neill shared that they are geared up to produce over 12 million Valentine’s cards but doubt if even a single card could beat the verse imprinted on the one featured above. And here it gives me an opportunity to pen down my logical opinion. The well-calculated cost of the card at £4,000 cannot be expensive than one made by one’s own self for his/her beloved.

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Valentine Card

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