World’s Most Expensive Mango

They say Korea is an expensive place but I don’t go by prejudices and happen to form my own perception by taking the first-hand experience. But this time I couldn’t have time and wealth to spend outrageously on things, not even on food which is my weakness. What makes the food items pricey here is the import taxes levied on them from abroad as the variety here is restricted to the one grown domestically. Even the cost of apples and oranges crosses over $1 and Kiwis cost $1-2 each.

While looking for the highlights of korea on web before I could visit the place in person, I came across a Mango, not an ordinary one as it comes with a tag of being the world’s most expensive Mango. Ought to be; as it demands a biting sum of 31,800w or $34. One doubts if the core of the mango is filled with the diamonds and other precious stones but whatever, after all this could be the most expensive fruit ever.


Most Expensive Mango

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