‘Tea on Toast’ Bags Britain’s Best Dessert Award

Even in your wildest imagination can you think of tasting a dessert prepared in a scientific laboratory amidst chemicals? At least I can’t! But now I will as the dessert ‘tea on toast’ has earned a label of Britain’s top dessert in Restaurant magazine. The dish by Chef Sean Wilkinson is successful in inviting foodie people. His recipe for the dessert went through freezing a cup of Earl Grey with liquid nitrogen and dropping it on the crispy toast.

It was least anticipated the creation that started as a lab experiment would rule the minds of the people. Sean (35) is a head chef at Durham’s gourmet restaurant The Avenue, the place where the dish is being served currently. This creation is a plain twist on the face of an ordinary plain national favorite and to your much surprise, a balloon is used as a base that was overblown via nitrogen gas, crammed with earl grey tea and then frozen solid with liquid nitrogen. Chef also conveyed that a frozen tea is plated with brown toast, jelly puree, raspberry preserves and shortcake.

This one-of-its-kind dish has helped Sean won the first award of his life. Patience and Practice Pays, Right Sean!

Via DailyMail

Tea on Toast

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