Virgin Queen Portrait Sold For $5.4 mn; Two-Fold of Anticipated Price—An Update

And here comes another $5.4mn tag to the generation of sales made by Sotheby. But more than that the news is the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I that was anticipated to be sold for 1 million pounds by its holder lately fetched more than double its expected i.e. 2.6 million pounds ($5.4 million) at a scheduled auction in London on 22 November. Reputed and well-known celebrity was accredited as Virgin Queen who ruled England beautifully and the very angle with which the painting is been drawn seems to convey that Elizabeth I is eyeing the prospective bidder. Spokesman from Sotheby’s auction house also said that the sale of Queen Elizabeth I sketch has set a record for the English royal portrait.

This portrait dates back to 1560s and was handed over to Griffith Hampden, the sheriff of Buckinghamshire by the queen on her visit to Hampden House. It is also been said that the much-needed oil for the painting was given by the queen to the Hampden family. Word is around that the portrait was painted by the Antwerp artist Steven van der Meulen. And the proud owner of the portrait is Mould who overshadowed the London dealer Mark Weiss by overbidding for this life-sized portrait of Elizabeth I. The very day was chosen for the sale of the 18th-century women Kitty Fisher, a creation by artist Sir Joshua Reynolds but it is still unsold.

Via Bloomberg

Queen Elizabeth I

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